Bradley Durkin is the director of Contrast Constructions. With a keen eye for details, a clever business acumen and the ability to understand the client’s needs, Bradley has built Contrast Constructions with the help of his team over the years, to where it is today.

A licensed builder, Bradley commenced his construction career path completing an Apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery. He briefly worked as an Sales Estimator with Duce Joinery, after which his desire was to build a solid construction company what was built around quality. With a keen interest in future construction methods, Bradley has expanded his knowledge of the industry through travel.

Having been a member of a number of boards, Bradley has a wealth of knowledge of the construction industry around the globe.



Gerard is CEO of Contrast Constructions and ensures the quality and timely delivery of projects through the sound management of processes from sales and project administration through to job completion.

Reliably liaising with clients on a regular basis, Gerard is approachable, accessible and happy to answer questions and create solutions for clients. Gerard is responsible for head contract administration at Contrast and also regularly attends site meetings with project managers and clients to oversee works. Gerard joined Contrast in 2001 after gaining extensive experience in estimating and costing projects with several leading Queensland building firms. Gerard has qualifications in time and resource management and has studied high-level mathematics.

An expert user of the latest project management tools, with practical building knowledge and a strong mathematical background, Gerard is heavily involved with value management of high end projects. His strong project management skills show through in all aspects of the building process.



Andrew began at Contrast in 2016 as our Construction Manager. Andrew directly oversees all aspects of our Construction work from liaising with subcontractors, to site management and site programming. Andrew juggles between on-site work and administration work and ensures that all facets of the construction of our projects go smoothly. Andrew’s favourite part of working at Contrast is applying his many years of industry expertise to each and every component of the construction process to our large range of projects.

dale (2)


Dale has been with Contrast since 2013, originally employed as our Senior Estimator for our Insurance works division. Since being promoted to the General Manager of our Facilities and Refurbishments division, Dale overseas all of our small works projects across the Retirement, Insurance and General Construction sectors. He uses his many years of experience in both hands-on construction work and estimating to manage the large volume of works for our clients. Dale’s favourite part of working at Contrast is being able to lead the Refurbishment team and make a positive impact.



Vicky began at Contrast in 2020 as our Financial Controller. Vicky directly manages the accounts department and all of the finances for Contrast, as well as advises on management and operational strategies. Vicky is also our Human Resources Manager and controls ICT. Vicky’s favourite part of working at Contrast is being able to liaise with stakeholders and use her problem-solving skills in all departments that she directly manages. She really enjoys working alongside the Contrast family.



David began his Contrast journey in 2002 as a Site Supervisor and is our longest serving staff member. David manages the day-to-day duties on site. He liaises with clients, developers and subcontractors and is often the number one choice to supervise our many developments. He has worked for us in Brisbane, Currumbin and Mackay and will go the extra mile to ensure a project is completed to the best of our ability. David’s favourite part about working at Contrast is being a part of a family owned and run business. He appreciates the fact that we care deeply about the products we deliver and ensure they are of the highest quality.



Aaron began working at Contrast in 2022 as the Site Supervisor for all our Facilities and Refurbishment works. Aaron has worked in the industry for many years and has a lot of experience in the refurbishment of Retirement homes. Aaron has singlehandedly managed the large turnover of our Aveo and Anglicare work and has been a significant asset to the Refurbishment team. Aaron’s favourite part of working at Contrast is being a part of a supportive team and using his several years of experience to consistently surpass expectations and achieve goals.



Stewart was employed at Contrast in 2007 as a Carpenter. Stewart is our Site All-Rounder and our number one go-to for all site work. Stewart has excellent capabilities and very few limitations and is trusted to assist in all works from our Refurbishment Sector, Construction area and Maintenance works. Stewart’s favourite part of working at Contrast is that no two days are the same and he gains new experiences with each and every project.



Craig began at Contrast in 2021 as a leading hand on our Job sites. Craig predominantly works alongside David, our Site Supervisor, and brings several years of experience in Construction to provide this support to our job sites.

Anthony (1)


Anthony began his employment in 2022 as a leading hand on our Refurbishment sector job sites. Anthony works closely with Aaron, our Facilities and Refurbishment Site Supervisor and directly assists with the large turnover of works in this sector. Anthony brings with him industry skills and education. His favourite part of working at Contrast is working alongside like-minded individuals and being a part of an awesome team.



Alana has worked at Contrast since 2014 as a Project Administrator. Alana is extremely knowledgeable on all things Contrast and is an incredible asset to our team. She oversees all the project administration for a range of different projects, often being the PA for multiple at a time. From tendering through to completion, Alana communicates with subcontractors and stakeholders and ensures all projects are run smoothly. Alana’s favourite part about working at Contrast is the flexibility & always feeling supported achieve a work life balance.



Jane began working at Contrast in 2016 as a receptionist. She later advanced within the company to her current role as Project Administrator for our Facilities and Refurbishment Department. Jane oversees all of the behind-the-scenes administration work for these works. Her favourite part about working at Contrast is the close friendships she has made here by being surrounded by like-minded individuals.



Ruby began working at Contrast in 2021 and was employed as the receptionist. She quickly progressed to her current role of Executive Assistant to the Director. Ruby directly supports Bradley in his day-to-day and is the client liaison contact for any buyers, potential buyers, and maintenance enquiries of our projects. Ruby’s favourite part about working at Contrast is the opportunities for career growth and the learning opportunities that are presented by being surrounded by leading experts in the construction industry daily.



Jozsef started at Contrast in 2023 as our Accounts Officer. Jozsef is directly responsible for the payment of our subcontractors, suppliers and services. Jozsef’s eye for detail makes him the perfect fit to process invoices. Jozsef has over a decade of experience in accounts even before he made Australia home in 2006. Jozsef’s favourite part about working for Contrast is the day-to-day engagement with employees and subcontractors.



Zac began working at Contrast in 2023 as a Junior Contracts Administrator, starting his career in the Construction industry after studying Design. Zac is a dedicated and hard worker who is always open to new opportunities and up for a challenge. Zac brings knowledge of design, trades, and strong people skills to his role, having been involved in the industry since he was younger. Zac's favourite thing about working at Contrast is how willing his co-workers are to teach and help each other as well as the opportunities the role has given him.

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